Lunch Menu

Mon. - Fri. 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Lunch Special Box

Lunch Comb. Box with Miso Soup or Green Salad. Includes: California Roll, Fried Shumai, Steamed or Brown Rice
No Substitutions
L1.Teriyaki Lunch Box
Choice of Chicken, Tofu, Shrimp, Salmon, Steak
Broiled and marinated in special sauce.
L2.Tempura Lunch Box
Choice of Chicken, Vegetable, Shrimp
Deep fried with sauce on the side
L3.Katsu (Cutlet) Lunch Box
Choice of Chicken, Pork, Shrimp
Deep fried in light breaded sauce on the side
L4.Chicken Yakitori Lunch Box
Grilled chicken and vegetable on skewer in yakitori sauce
L5.Chicken Maki Lunch Box
Deep fried breast of chicken rolled with scallion and cheese
L6.Beef Negimaki Lunch Box
Beef rolled with scallion and broiled with teriyaki sauce
L7.Ika-Age Lunch Box
Marinated squid lightly deep fried in salt pepper
L8.Walnut Shrimp Lunch Box
Butter fried shrimp with honey mayo sauce & honey roast walnut
L9.Crispy Rock Shrimp
Tossed in sweet & spicy mayo, scallion.

Noodles / Rice Lunch

Served with Spicy Crab Roll
Udon - Japanese Thick White Wheat Noodles
Pad Thai - Thai Rice Noodles
Hibachi Noodles - Yellow Egg Noodles
Yaki Udon
(Veg. or Shrimp or Chicken)
Pad Thai
(Veg. or Shrimp or Chicken)
Hibachi Noodles
(Veg. or Shrimp or Chicken)
Pineapple or Mango Fried Rice 12.50

Lunch From Sushi Bar

Served with Green Salad or Miso Soup
L10.Any 2 Roll 11.50
Any 3 Roll 14.95

  • Tuna Roll
  • Avocado Roll
  • Salmon Avocado Roll
  • California Roll
  • Yellowtail Scallion Roll
  • Sweet Potato Roll
  • Grilled Salmon Roll
  • Peanut Avocado Roll
  • Special California Roll
  • Spicy Salmon Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Salmon Skin Roll
  • Spciy Crab Roll
  • Eel Avocao Roll
  • Salmon Roll
  • Cucumber Roll
  • Boston Roll
  • Chicken Tempura Roll
  • Vegetable Roll
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll
  • Ginger Mackerel Roll
L11.Sushi Burrito Lunch
Crab stick, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and crunch. Pick one item of the: Spicy Crab, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Shrimp Tempura
L12.Salmon Sushi Lunch
3 pcs salmon sushi, spicy crunch salmon roll and salmon roll
L13.Tuna Sushi Lunch
3 pcs tuna sushi, spicy crunch tuna roll and tuna roll
L14.Sushi Lunch
Assorted of 6 pcs sushi and California roll or tuna roll
L15.Sashimi Lunch
12 pcs sliced assorted raw fish, served with white rice
L16.Sushi and Sashimi Combo
Assorted of 3 pcs sushi and 8 pcs of sashimi, spicy tuna roll.

Hibachi Lunch

Served with Clear Soup or Salad, Hibachi Vegetable & Fried Rice
Hibachi Vegetable 10.95
Hibachi Chicken Tender 12.95
Hibachi Calamari 12.95
Hibachi Salmon 14.95
Hibachi Shrimp 13.95
Hibachi N.Y. Strip Steak 15.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon 17.95
Hibachi Combinations
Two of the following, cannot duplicate items
Chicken Tender / Shrimp / Salmon / Calamari / N.Y Strip Steak